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9/6/2017-Barbell of the Day

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Week 2 of 4

  1. Snatch- E3MOM- 1 @90-95+%x6
  2. Clean And Jerk E3MOM- 1 @90-95+%x6
  3. B.Squat–1-3 Reps @ x; 3 Down Sets

* Start at 90%. Add weight if and only your lifts are clean and are feeling good.  Do no chase weights, we want makes, not an accumulation of misses. 

**For strength pieces, the goal is to hit 3 if possible but keep them clean and keep 1 in the tank. Drop 10% and hit 3 back-off sets using the same rep scheme that you hit for top set.  

Last week If you hit
3- Add 2 Kilos
2- add 1 Kilo
1- add .5 kilo