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9/14/2017-Workout of the Day

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Thursday 9/14/2017

Warm-up: 3 Sets:
Jog 200m
5 Clean Deadlifts
4 Clean Pulls
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats

Strength: TIMECAP: 20:00

Clean Pull + Power Clean + Clean 1-1-1, 4×1 

Level 3/2/1
10 Dumbbell Power Cleans, 50/35, 35/20, 25/15
200m Run

Extra Work:  AMRAP 20

Push Press @ 75% of 1RM Maximum: 40 Rep Max

You may perform reps in any scheme you’d like. However, your focus is keeping all sets submaximal, and all reps fast and technical. If you reach 40 reps before the 20-minute clock is up, you’re done. It’s better to take all 20 minutes and keep all sets relatively easy. For athletes without an established 1RM, select a weight which you can perform technical and sound sets of 5-6 for the duration.