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6/21/2017-Workout of the Day

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Wednesday  6/21/2017

Warm-up: EMOM 16, alternating:
a) Row 0:45
b) Jump Rope 0:45

 Strength: Farmers Walk-  Time Cap 6:00

400m For Time- AHAP

Level 3/2/1
1 Rope Climb or 3x pull from floor
10/6 Burpees

Extra Credit: Snatch Grip Deadlift


Notes Build over the first four sets. The fourth set should be tough but submaximal, leaving two good reps in the tank. The fifth set is 10% lighter than the fourth. Briefly, pause at the top without coming to full extension – this is to work on staying over the bar – and control eccentric, keeping posture (chest above hips) until the bar reaches the floor.