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6/12/2017-Barbell of the Day

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Week 6/12-

*Goal is to beat numbers from last week. Attempt to move up 1-3 Kilos per set, per lift if possible. The focus of this block is technical consistency and building correct movement patterns to carry over to later blocks. Keep that the focus and don’t chase weights. Trust the process

A. Snatch Pull+Snatch  (2+2)  @ Moderately Heavy; Repeat 3 More sets.

B. 2 Count-Pause Squat 5@7, 5@8, 5@9*; 90% x 5 x3 

C: Snatch Segment Pull (1″) + Snatch Pull – 2+2RM 

*@9 Is a rate of perceived effort, this may change day to day- read about RPE here