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11/8/2017-Workout of the Day

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 Warm-up: Group Warm-up

 Gymnastic Strength- Strict Bar Muscle-up- 15 Minutes

15:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following, listed from highest to lowest proficiency:
1) Strict Bar Muscle-Up + Negative (aim for 0:10 per negative)
2) Strict Bar Muscle-Up
3) Assisted or Banded Bar Muscle Up
4) Bar Muscle-Up Negative
5) Strict Chest-to-Bar Pullup
6) Strict Pullup
7) Pullup Negative (pronated grip)
8) Piked Assisted Pullup (pronated grip)

Workout- For Time: TIME CAP: 11:00
Level 3/2/1
2000m Assault Bike or 1000m Row,1500M or 750M,1000M or 500M
40 Deadlifts, 225/155, 155/105,115/75
15/10 Bar Muscle-Ups, Jumping Bar Muscle-ups, Jumping Chest to Bars

Extra Work- Row

6x1000m @ 7
1:00 rest between sets