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10/5/2017-Workout of the day

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4 Sets:

5 Clean Deadlifts
4 Clean Pulls
3 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
1 Clean

Strength: Clean Pull + Power Clean + Clean

8×1, use 95% of last week’s top set

WOD: 3 Rounds For Total Time: TIMECAP: 14:00
Level 3/2/1
15 Dumbbell Snatch, 50#/35#,35/25, 25/15
12 Box Jumps, 24/20, 20/16, 16/12
9 Handstand Pushups/Pike/KB Push Press
1:00 Rest 

Extra Work- Rope Climb Development

16:00 Volume Accumulation of one of the following, listed from highest to lowest proficiency)

-L Rope Climb -Strict Legless Rope Climb from Seated
-Strict Legless Rope Climb from Standing
-Legless Rope Climb
-Rope Climb w/Legs
-Long, Medium, or Short Rope Pull (3-5/side per set) -Lying-to-Standing Rope Climb Notes Athlete should select a variation which is challenging enough that it is strength work rather than conditioning, but allows them to accumulate a good amount of volume (8 climbs or more.)
-Lying-to-Standing Rope Climb