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12/05/2013 WOD

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Thursday 12/05/2013

Active Recovery

If you have attended class Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday or any combination of 2 days today is going to be an “Active Recovery” day. Work on Mobility, easy pace row, easy pace jog, or Skill Work.

Active rest allows an athlete to physically and psychologically recover from the stresses of training and competing while still maintaining fitness levels. It is becoming a common part of most training plans and studies show that Active Recovery offers more benefit than harm.


If you have only come once this week you will do the following:


Level 1-

Run 600M

Row 1000M

Run 600M

Level 2-

Run 800M

Row 1000M

Run 800m

Level 3-

Run 1 Mile

Row 2000

Run 1 Mile

No rest between





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