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We help you build more than just muscle. We help our athletes build confidence in themselves and their abilities. Check out what some from our community are saying and let their words inspire you to take that first step.
  • Sarah Queisi

    Great place to get strong and fast. Coaching staff works closely with each athlete, and they really value form and mechanics, taking their time to explain the various lifts, and analyze the intensity and goals of each programmed workout. They put a lot of thought into their programming, and it is very effective. The atmosphere is also very friendly and the gym is super clean and spacious. I have visited several other CrossFit gyms around the area, and Maverick has been my favorite.

  • Lisa Mills

    I Recently moved to the area and toured the different CrossFit locations around; this one stood out as a good fit. My initial experience was that it was a very large facility and everyone was extremely fit. This caused me some anxiety as I come from a small gym and I am not in great shape. However, I have not had one day at Maverick CF where I was not welcomed by the trainers, other members and encouraged within my abilities. The level of coaching is impressive, even in the larger classes where it requires much more from the trainers. It changed my view of being a large facility with extremely fit members to a close-knit gym with people that are all pushing each other to be better.
    CrossFit can be modified to fit any fitness level. What I found to be unique at Maverick is that they have different workouts for different levels so everyone still ends up finishing around similar times, which is new to me. This allows you to go at your level, pace and push yourself while still being part of the group. I am extremely impressed with the coaching, the amount of planning that seems to go into the workouts and the push to perform the movements correctly. My advice is for everyone to give it a try for a month and see if it is for them!

  • James McLane

    The best CrossFit Box I’ve ever been to. Amazing facility, the instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and the community is very friendly, focused, and inclusive. I will never be able to say enough good things about the instructors and the gym.

  • Chris Henger

    This place is amazing!! By far the best box I have ever dropped into while I’m traveling. Huge facility, super well kept, and the coaches are awesome. Everyone is so nice. Highly recommended!!!!


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