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09/13/2013 WOD

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Friday 09/13/2013Strength:5X1 HBBS HAP ascending sets/no misses-HTLWHAP=Heavy as PossibleHTLW=Heavier than last weekWOD:"Benchmark"1000 Meter Row for timeRest 5 minutes4 Rounds for total timeRun 400 Meters(All Out)With no rest go right intoME HSPU2:00 minute rest from time of completionScore is total time and reps of HSPU400 is all out and no rest between…

09/11/2013 WOD

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Wednesday 09/11/2013WOD:In Remembrance of the lives lost September 11th 2001"Never Forget"45 minute cap:2001m RowTHEN:For each of the following 9 movements complete 11 reps:Box Jumps (30/24)Thrusters (125/85)Burpee Chest to Bar Pull UpsCleans (175/120)Hand Stand Push UpsKB Swings (70/55)Toes to BarDeadlifts (175/120)Push Jerk (125/85)THEN:2001m Row