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12/20/2013 WOD

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Just a reminder that there is no 630pm class today because we will be having our Annual Ugly Christmas Party!

Friday 12/20/2013


20 minutes to Test new

HBBS 1 Rep Max


For time:

Level 1-

25 OH Plate Walking Lunge (challenging weight and reps are each leg)

14 Ring Rows/dips off a box

15 OH Plate Walking Lunge

10 Ring Rows/dips off a box

Level 2-

30 Overhead squats 75/55

14 Pull ups/dips

20 Overhead squats

10 Pull ups /dips

Level 3-

30 Overhead squats 95/65

7 Muscle ups

20 Overhead squats

5 Muscle ups

Comments: 9

  1. 275# max on the HBBS!
    9:50 @ Level 3 (75# OHS)
    I was almost done at 6:00 but failed on the last muscle up. Took a lot of tries and extra time to get the last one but damnit I got it.

  2. Wow! What a great time tonight! Bern & I had such a good time with a great group of hard core crossfitters! Work hard, play hard! I love it!… Oh great workout too. HBBS PR, + 30 @ 235. Damn that feels good! Thanks to all the Mav coaches!

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