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12/13/2013 WOD

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Friday 12/13/2013


6×2 @80%

Squat every 90 seconds


5 Rounds for time

Level 1-

20 Sit Ups

3 Rope Climb Subs

Level 2-

10 GHD Situps

3 Rope Climbs

Level 3-

20 GHD Situps

3 Legless Rope Climbs


So what did everyone think about Yoga today during the 430/530/630pm Classes?  Please tell us!


We would also like to wish Mutt, Cheeto, Julia, and Becky good luck Saturday at Clash of the Fittest They are competing as a Team Saturday so if anyone is down in the West Palm area go cheer them on! 

Comments: 9

  1. Yoga;
    I have done this before but often the class would last at least an hour and sometimes and hour and a half. This was a good start for those who may have not done this before. I am sure that it can be challenging as soon as the class progresses with longer “holds” and more difficult and complex poses.

  2. HBBS 6 x 2 @ 165 lbs
    5 RFT: 10 GHD situps, 3 rope climbs
    WOD lvl 2 & lvl 1- 10 GHD situps 2 sets then 3 sets ab mat = Damn
    On top of that the 3 rounds 3 rope climbs, then rope climb subs for 2 rounds= arms spent.


  3. HBBS – 275#
    WOD- this freaking WOD can take a hike. Smoke sesh.
    LVL 3/2 15:50
    1st 2 rounds 20 GHDs/ leg less rope
    Last 3 rounds 12 GHDs/ leg rope climbs
    I hate you squirrel man

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