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08/18/2014 WOD

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Monday 08/18/2014

This is a de-load week!  Take it easy this week and don’t add in a bunch of extra work and concentrate on Skill Development.

Squat Prep-DEMO
Muscle up Prep-DEMO

Warm Up:

30-50 double unders or 30 Seconds practice,
3-6. Muscle Ups Or Sub
3-6 SHSPU Or Sub
4-6, Pistols or Sub
20 Second Hollow Hold”


12 Minutes- 2 Sec Pause Back Squat 4@8 (No Drops)

WOD/Skill practice:

5 Minute of each-

  • Handstand Hold Practice (Freestanding if possible) (Nose and toes to wall)
  • Shoulder tap practice (Nose and Toes to wall)
  • Handstand walk Practice

10 Min-
Muscle Up practice
Level 1- Introduction to basic progressions and false grip
Level 2/3- Refinement and play with forward roll

Strength requirements and progressions for Muscle up-DEMO
Forward roll demo-DEMO

Extra Credit:

3 x 10 per leg- Psoas March- no band-
Accumulate 2 Minutes per leg Couch Stretch -Focus on no over extension.
Hamstring Smash-DEMO

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