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08/05/2014 WOD

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Tuesday 08/05/2014


Banded Pull Apart- Super series – DEMO

Deadlift Prep-DEMO

Warm Up:

Row 1000m
5-10 Butterfly pullups/Kip/Oly Bar
5-10 Strict ring dips or sub
20 Sec Hollow Hold
20 Sec Arch Hold

Practice not fatigue


12 Minutes:
2@9 Strict Press(No Drops)
12 Minutes:
2@9 Deadlift (No Drops)


For time:
Level 1-
50 Knee Raises
Level 2-
50 Toes to Bar
Level 3-
75 Toes to Bar

At the beginning of each minute perform 20 Double-unders/Single-unders

Extra Credit:
A. ME- Handstand walk or practice
B-3-5 Muscle ups
C.3 x 10+10 sec static hug the twinkies

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