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08/01/2014 WOD

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Friday 08/01/2014


Upper body prep- DEMO
Lower body Prep- DEMO

Warm Up:

Run 800/Row 500
Clean and Jerk Bar Warm-up

Strength: 20 Minutes

Level 1- Clean and Jerk Technique
Level 2/3 -Clean and Jerk-
5 x (1.1.1) @74%


Level 1:
Burpee Pull-up (5 reps)

Level 2-
400M Run
Burpee Chest To bar (5 Reps)

Level 3-
400 meter run
Burpee Bar Muscle Ups (5 reps)

Extra Credit:
10 Min
Hand Stand Walk Practice

3 Sets
A. ME Strict HSPU- Rest 60
B. ME L-SIT tuck or L-Sit
C. 10 + 10 Sec Static Hug the Twinkie

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