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07/30/2014 WOD

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Wednesday 07/30/2014

Pre Game:

Snatch Prep-DEMO

Warm Up:

Run 800/Row 500
Snatch Bar Warm-up

Strength: 25 Minutes

Level 1- Technique Practice
Level 2/3- Work up to Heavy for day(This is a maximum for DAY,
not necessarily a PR attempt, though if you are feeling good GO for it).

No more than 2 misses!
Then drop and 5×93@

WOD: 15 Min Amrap

8 Pullups (Oly Bar, pullup(B.A.N), Chest to Bar
4 Power Cleans (75/55, 115/75, 155/105)
Row 250M

Extra Credit:
30 Min Row/Run – Easy pace

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