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07/18/2014 WOD

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Friday 07/18/2014

Warm Up:


Line up outside in coach says go each row will complete the following for 50m
Jog Forward
Jog Backwards
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Side Step
Burpee with a Sprint

Barbell Warm UP

Strength: 25 Minutes
Level 1- Clean and Jerk Practice
Level 2/3-Clean and Jerk 15-20 @73%


10 Min-
Pullover/Stone skill work

Level 1-

3 Pike Chin-ups (legs on box) –DEMO
4 plate to overhead 45/35

Level 2-

3 L-SIT Pullups,
4 Stone to shoulder 90/75/40
Level 3-

3 Pullovers DEMO
4 Stone to shoulders 142/115

Extra Credit:

Accumulate  2 Min Nose to wall Hand Stand Hold

Accumulate 1 Min in L-Sit Tuck (If Unbroken on Monday, start working on extending the legs)

3×10 Hug the Twinkie ( On last rep of each set hold for 10 sec)


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