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06/17/2014 WOD

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Tuesday 06/17/2014

Warm Up:

Row 250M
2-5 M-UPS
10 wall balls
20 Double unders

25 Minutes (includes 5 minute press WU)
Shoulder Press
Level 1/2
5@9(Load Drop) 5% Fatigue
Level 3
2020 Tempo Press 5@9 (Load drop) 5% Fatigue


10 Min AMRAP:

Level 1
50 Single Unders
6 Push-ups

Level 2
24 Dubs or attempts
6 HSPU or Sub

Level 3
24 Dubs

Extra Credit:

15 Min:
Strict Pullups
Strict Ring Dips

Max reps, switch back and forth, do not go to failure, rest as needed.

Please note all extra credit needs to be done prior to the end of the 630pm class.  Those attending the 630pm class can come in earlier to get the work done. 

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