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05/13/2014 WOD

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Tuesday 05/13/2014

Warm Up:

Row 1000 or Run 800m

Do this once with a PVC pipe, then once with a barbell. 3-5 reps each of:

High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Drop Snatch (to Power Position)
Overhead Squat
Sott’s Press
Duck Walk (forward and backward)

Olympic: (15 minutes)

5 minutes to warm up

Hang Snatch from Position 1
10 min EMOM 70% x1
(Do not go heavier)

WOD: (14 minutes)
2 Min max effort on each:

rest 1 Min
Dead stop Deadlift 115/95,95/75,75/55 (hand release no bounce)
rest 1 min
Double Unders
rest 1 Min
Ball slams 20/10
rest 1 min
Shoulder to overhead 115/95,95/75,75/55

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