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03/23/2014 WOD

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Monday 03/23/2014

Warm Up:

Junk Yard Dog/Bar Warm Up


This is one continues 40minute clock.  No Rest between AMRAPS

A. 10 Minute Every other Minute

Perform 2 C&J @80%

B-C Should be completed at 70% pace or if using monitor HR should be under 160. 

Depending on the size of the class some groups may start at C or D and rotate through

B. 10 Minute Amrap

200M Farmers Walk 55/35

10 Box Jumps

10 Push-ups

C. 10 Min Amrap


25 M sled Push 135/95

25 M sled Pull 135/95

D.10 Min Amrap

100 M Sandbell/Plate O-Head carry

10 V-ups

10 Walking lunges



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