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03/19/2014 WOD

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Wednesday 03/19/2014

Warm Up:

200M Run

3 Muscle Ups

5 HSPU (Strict if possible)

10 Pistols (5 per)

10 Hollow Rocks


All Levels-Bench Press

Every 20 Seconds for 8 Rounds perform 3 Bench Presses at 60% of 1rm

If you do not know your one rep, use a weight that allows speed through all reps



5 Toes To bar

10 Burpees

Sub: Hang Knee Raise, Weighted Sit ups, 2:1 Sit ups

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Min Row damper setting at 10

*If you own a Heart rate monitor wear it and Stay under 160, If you do not, pace should be held at a level that allows you to keep the same pace throughout the 10 minutes.


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