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03/17/2014 WOD

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Monday 03/17/2014

Warm Up:

Row 1,000M

Followed by three rounds not for time of

10 Supermans

5 Close Grip OHS(As close as possible)

10 Glute Ham Bridge-


Level 1/2– C&J @ 70% 8 Min EMOM Perform one Clean and Jerk

Level 3– 8 Min EMOM Ascending  to heaviest possible for day with clean form


A)10 Min AMRAP

Run 400M

20 Double Unders

10 Push-ups

B)10 Min Amrap

Row 500M

Muscle Ups 4/3

C)10 Min Amrap

Run 400M

20 Sit-ups

10 Ring Rows

Level 1/2 will do A/C Amraps

Level 3 ABC (must be able to do MU, no subs)

Subs for above skills/movements: 2:1 Single/Dub, Knee Push Ups

No rest between AMRAPS, this is one constant pacing effort.

If you own a Heart rate monitor wear it. Stay in between 120-150,  If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, try and keep a steady pace that allows consistent and constant movement with no rest or “redlining”


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