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01/02/2014 WOD

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Thursday 01/02/2014


Snatch ladder for 15 Min start at 55% of 1rm

add 10 pounds EMOM, when you miss, go back to start weight and start over


5 Rounds for Time

3 Front Squats @ 60% of HBBS Max +5-10#

4 Muscle ups


Level 1-

Ring Rows/Dips off a box

Pike PU

Level 2-

Pull ups/Dips 2:1

HSPU off a Box


Comments: 3

  1. 12:00 Level 2, although I had to keep increasing bands… arms/shoulders fried this week…
    Started ladder at 115 up to 165F. Back to 115, accomplished 165 but shaky. Dropped back down to finish up.

  2. First time I’ve done full snatches in months and only fell on my keister once! Woot! Thanks to Julia & Rick for the coaching, btw….

  3. Ladder missed at 215lb but was feeling pretty solid.
    WOD: 15:30 L3/2 missed 4 total MU and had to go to C2B/Ring dips to complete.

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